Equus Aqua Handle

The Equus Aqua System Handle allow you to connect all the range of the Aqua.

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Equus Dental Harmony has developed these handpieces for better modularity with a cooling system.

This system will allow you to have a minimal handpiece with a variety of combinations. With its quick coupler, you can change or position the head in 1 second.

The system is available with or without water cooling. The cooling system protects the horse's teeth from heat and prevents swallowing of harmful dust. It also allows better visibility inside the mouth, which makes the work more precise and preserves the teeth.

The Equus Aqua handle is the centralpiece of this system. It allows the connection of all the tools of the Aqua System range (including the straight handpiece).

  • ergonomic
  • plastic allowing better grip and keeping warm in winter (unlike stainless steel)
  • fitted with a quick coupler
  • the water connection is integrated
  • compatible with all systems on the market (with the addition of an adapter)


Length: 15.2 cm

The handle is sold alone (photo named "Aqua handle")


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