Equus 220V Vario

Pack Equus Motor 220V

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To facilitate and improve the work of the equine dentists and veterinarians, Equus Dental Harmony has developed a light and handy product, with low noise, and an electronic controller to provide a constant speed throughout the required use.

Equipped with a mechanical clutch, it allows you to work safely and lengthen the life expectancy of your equipment: flexible and hand piece. With its isolated engine, it helps protect against electrical shock.

The Power equipment comes with a modular belt that can be used in any of the following ways:

  • Horizontal position belt
  • Vertical position belt
  • hanging on the stable


220V  motor

4000- 9000 rpm

 1,4kg weight

 Flexible mounting type:

  • Equus Aqua Flexible 
  • Equus flexible standard
  • Dremel  with adaptator
  • HDE adapter if quick coupler

Options :

  • Modular belt
  • Extension lead
  • Mechanical clutch
  • Pédale Foot pedal
  • Dremel adaptator

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