An unmissable congress of equine dentistry!

11th IGFP Congress 2013

Saturday, March 9, 2013 - Start: 9 a.m

Precise diagnostics of dental diseases: after the extraction it only starts! A double conference - H. Simhofer, C. Staszyk

Influence of ketamine or midazolam on the quality of sedation during tooth extraction in the standing horse - A. Bienert-Zeit, K. Hopster, S. Kästner

Objective measurements of occlusal angles - M. Pellachin

Computed tomographic reconstruction: The individuality of the equine paranasal sinuses in a 3D model - M. Brinkschulte, A. Bienert-Zeit, M. Hellige, C. Staszyk, M. Lüpke, B. Ohnesorge

Pain recognition in the horse-difficulty and challenge - U. Auer

Pain caused by dental treatment? Prevention, recreational sport and metaphylaxis of typical muscle and joint pain - K. Ros, B. Immel

Pain treatment in dental disease in practice and clinic - U. Auer

Pain perception and assessment in the field of tension between patient, owner and equine dental practitioner - M Grell

Influence of a horse's head and neck position on its molar occlusion - S. Maleh, Antrin Fricke

The scissor bite - definition, causes, treatment regimen. Findings from an expert opinion - S. Schulte-Bahrenberg, M. Nowak

Sequestration and fistula formation as complications after oral molar extraction in the mandible - W. Lewin

From 8 p.m. "Come together" with dance and buffet


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tips about the sedation of horses for dental treatment - K.Ros

Significant dental findings and little food - working equidae in Morocco, no fairy tale from 1001 nights! - M. Eltze, A. Kharfa

Tooth and jaw dysfunction as a holistic approach to solving recurrent low back pain/pelvic blockages - R. Gutinger

Oral screw extraction of incisors and molars in horses - S Maleh

Lesions on the horse's ark - pathologies, therapies, causes - S. Schulte-Bahrenberg, M. Nowak

Investigations on the distances of vital pulp branches to the occlusal surface - M Wild

The horse's oral cavity from an anatomical point of view considering the adaptation of snaffle bits - E. Engelke, H. Gasse

Bridles work here - K. F. von Holleuffer-Kypke

Bit selection from the point of view of the western trainer - U. Holm

Bits and how they work - H. Schmidt-Sentek

Benefits and costs of an assistant for the equine dental practice - R Niehues

For the first time we presented a small exhibition of posters on the following topics, which will hopefully become more extensive in the future: Increase in circumference in the right maxilla - a case report - P Richterich, C Hohloc, W Jurgens

Virtual preparation of horse skulls - possible uses in teaching, research and clinic - V Cordes, P Schrock, M Lüpke, T Zwick, C Staszyk

The oral extraction of sagittal fractured molars - T Zwick

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