Free try *

Being aware of the financial investment necessary for the purchase of quality equipment, we invite you to try our products. Nothing better to form your own opinion and decide if they are made for you!

In trial we offer several sets and products.

Equus Liberty Connect motor:

  • connect motor with pedal and hanging pocket

Equus Liberty motor:

  • standard quick pack with EDH coupling,
  • quick plus pack with EDH coupling.

Wired motor:

  • 220V wired pack with wired pedal and with Quick System handpieces

Quick System handpieces:

  • Equus Quick Disk 4000, EDH coupling,
  • Equus Quick Applecore 5000, EDH coupling,
  • Equus Quick Diastema 6000, EDH coupling,
  • Equus Quick Straight fix 7000, EDH coupling.

Aqua Spray System handpieces are available on request.


*Terms and conditions

A free trial is valid for a period of 1 week from the date of receipt of the equipment at the premises of the delivery address provided by the borrower.

The borrower is required to return the equipment within 3 days of the end of the free trial period. After this period, the borrower will be billed a charge corresponding to the amount indicated in the loan agreement.

The equipment is shipped outward at the expense of the lender and return at the expense of the borrower.

A written contract will be established between the borrower and the lender.



Equipment represents a significant financial investment. This is why we offer you financing offers with our partner Finévol.

Financing has several advantages, it allows you to:

  • record your equipment in charge with rents 100% deductible from your tax base,
  • preserve your cash flow,
  • choose the duration of financing (from 24 to 60 months) and the rents adapted to your budget,
  • opt for a simple and quick solution to set up, without administrative costs,
  • take out an optional equipment maintenance contract,
  • own the equipment financed at the end of your contract.


Do you want financing? How do we proceed ?

  • we validate with you the products to be financed through an estimate,
  • we send you financing offers (with and without maintenance depending on the product),
  • you choose the offer best suited to your needs (maintenance and duration),
  • you return the completed and signed offer to us,
  • the financing organization will contact you to study and then send you the financing contract once the file has been validated,
  • you sign the contract electronically,
  • the material is shipped,
  • you fill in a report of receipt of the equipment.

The funding organization being very responsive, the file can be processed within 48 hours.


Terms and conditions

Certain conditions apply by the funding agency.

It's necessary :

  • be a professional (company or individual company),
  • be based in France,
  • have an activity related to the purchased equipment,
  • request the minimum financing of €2,000 excluding VAT,
  • that the file is accepted by our service provider.