12th IGFP Congress 2014

Saturday, 03/15/2014

The infundibulum of the equine maxillary molar: a weak point in the system? - A. Suske et al., Giessen

Case report: Caries-like changes in the infundibular floor of the maxillary molar of a five-year-old horse involving the endodontic system and subsequent sinusitis - T. Zwick, Gessertshausen

Overjet in the horse: available techniques and outcomes - D. Verwilghen, Copenhagen

Suture exostosis in 11 adult horses: A retrospective study - MA Jackson et al., Zurich

Help Dr, my horse has turned into Frankenstein: what do we know about nasofrontal suture periostitis? - D. Verwilghen, Copenhagen

Simple tips for better radiography - S. Lee, Wallington, Australia

Significance of radiographic shadowing at or above the tooth sockets of the maxillary premolars. Diagnostics and therapeutic approach - M. Nowak, S. Schulte-Bahrenberg, Duisburg

Swelling on the horse's head as a key symptom of dental disease? Computed tomographic representation of various differential diagnoses - J. Schwarzer, Gessertshausen

Value of ultrasound examination of the horse's head - S. Schulte-Bahrenberg, M. Nowak, Duisburg

Periodontal diseases in horses: experiences with the application of Elyzol dental gel (25% metronidazole gel) after subgingival debridement - F. Doerges, Hanover


Sunday, 03/16/2014

Waste utilization in modern horse feeds - C.Fritz, Berlin

Communication and feedback in practices and clinics when dealing with employees and customers - A. Düffert, Reppenstadt

Equine dental vets - S. Lee, Wallington, Australia

Interdisciplinary approach to tooth and jaw dysfunction to solve recurrent lumbago/pelvic blockages - R. Gutinger, Günzburg

The equine molar angle: measurements and assessment from a physiological and clinical point of view - L. Listmann et al., Gießen

The Puntameter -Determination of open pulp branches and the occlusal secondary dentin thickness of vital teeth - S. Maleh, Großwallstadt and M. Wild, Schnepfenbach

Prevalence of EOTRH in horses in Berlin-Brandenburg - W. Schroeder et al., Berlin

EOTRH- not necessarily a reason to extract - S. Maleh, Grosswallstadt

"Some like it wet" - A report from practice about working with a water-cooled tooth rasp with its advantages and disadvantages - R. Niehues, Marbach

Our daily work: the equine dental preliminary examination - B. Immel, Löhnberg


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