Un incontournable congrès de la dentisterie équine !

13th IGFP Congress 2015

Saturday March 7, 2015:

Tooth wear in free-ranging and captive wild equids - dr Ellen Schulz-Kornas, Leipzig

Measurement of eruption rates of molars - Carmen Schrock, Gießen

Non dental related sinus pathologies and surgical approaches to the sinus - Teacher. dr D. Verwilghen, Copenhagen

Case report: Caries-like changes in the infundibular floor of the maxillary molar of a five-year-old horse involving the endodontic system and subsequent sinusitis - dr Timo Zwick, Gessertshausen

Tumors in the area of ​​the horse's head - occurrence, diagnostics and therapy - dr Astrid Bienert-Zeit, Hanover and Dr. Carsten Vogt, Ottersberg

The dependency of the visual diagnosis and treatment assessment from the point of view of the equine dental practitioner and the illumination of the oral cavity - Martin Grell, Berlin and Frank Sauerbrey, Bad Lauterbach

Deviations in the general clinical examination - can I sedate? - Kim Theuerkauf, Gießen

Billing of the service "horse dental treatment" - Statistical survey from a survey - dr Daniel Meister, Beilngries

EMS / Pseudo-EMS / Cushing / Pseudo-Cushing / insulin resistance - what is what of modern civilization diseases - dr Christina Fritz, Berlin

"Dental diseases" in Cushing's patients - dr Walter Lewin, Tappendorf

Surgical removal of walrus tusks with root suppuration in Hagenbeck Zoo - dr Christina Becker, Hamburg

From 8 p.m. “Get together” with dance and buffet


Sunday, March 8, 2015:

Feeding and husbandry management of old horses - dr Christina Fritz, Berlin

Case report: EOTRH on all teeth in a 36 year old pony - dr Wiebke Schroeder

Case description: Treatment of a scissor bite one year after an unrecognized mandibular body fracture with follow-up - Souel Maleh, Grosswallstadt

Endoscopy, X-ray, computer tomography - Comparative representation of clinically relevant and pathological areas on the horse's head- dr Astrid Bienert time

Refinement of X-ray diagnostics on the horse's head with the help of the use of contrast media - Manfred Stoll, Breithart

Reparative processes in the endodontium of equine molars - Anika Suske, Giessen

Malocclusion Treatment in Colts - dr Miguel Echavarria, Colombian

A study on retained deciduous premolars in thoroughbred racehorses and their effect on performance - dr Carla Manso, Spaniard

Biomechanical and Osteopathic Concepts of the Temporomandibular Joint - dr Patrick Lecollinet, France

Quantitative measurements of the effect of lever bits - Christina Krajewski

Estimated end at 4:30 p.m

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