Programme NVVGP conference 14 october 2023

12.00 Opening Industry

12.30 Registration

13.00-15.00 hrs Lectures Molars- Carsten Staszyk

13.00-13.30 Development of the oral cavity from a clinical perspective

13.30-14.00 Anatomical basics to understand the pathology of fistula

14.00-14.30 Dental development “When something goes wrong”

14.30-15.00 Bernadette Immel: Cases

15.00-15.30 Break and Industry

15.30-17.30 Lectures The TMJ

15.30 Carsten Staszyk The TMJ-the extraordinary joint

16.00 Dewi Borkent: Cases

16.30 Bernadette Immel: Cases

17.00 Suzanne Brons: The Chiropractical Approach

17.30-19.00 Working Dinner and Industry

19.00-20.00 Member meeting.

Industry for guests.

20.00-22.00 Incisors and Molars

20.00-20.30 Carsten Staszyk “A detailed look inside the tooth”

20.30-21.00 Bernadette Immel: Cases

21.00-21.30 Dewi Borkent: “Peripheral Caries adn Flouride”

21.30-22.00 Dewi Borkent, Bernadette Immel and Carsten Staszyk : Discussion and concluding


22.00 End of conference. Stay and have a drink with us on us.