Equus Jet Eco

Equus Dental Harmony has developed 3 models of Equus Jet. It's a very useful daily flushing system.

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Cleaning system - autonomous, robust and compact - Equus Jet Eco was developed for mobile equine dentistry practitioners and clinics alike.  It is also suitable for a range of everyday uses.  Equipped with a lead battery. 

It is ideal for cleaning diastema, rinsing the mouth before and after your work.

Equus Jet Eco comes with a lead battery and charger and a hydraulic assembly comprising:

  • an input polyuréthane hose pipe with strainer
  • output spiral hose pipe with quick connector on one side and quick connector with valve on other side, allowing you to change the wands without shutting off the pump to saving you time.
  • one diastema wand
  • one flushing wand

Products in option:

  • short diastema wand also with a  90 ° angle to clean the interdental spaces, diastema, cavities after extraction and wounds. The length is ideal for working in the front of the mouth - incisors, canines and premolars, without hurting the horse.
  • short flushing wand straight jet can clean interdental spaces, diastema, extraction cavities and wounds.  Designed to easily work on the incisors and canines at the front of the mouth without hurting the horse. 

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