Equus Quick Disk 4000

The smallest head of interchangeable heads and fitted with a grease nipple on the market. It's ideal for working in small spaces.

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The Equus Quick Disk 4000 composed of:

  • a long curved extension
  • a Quick System disc head
  • a grade 2 diamond disc

The head, only 21.82 mm, allows you to easily profile the horse's mouth, especially on the eleventh and ponies. Its rotation provides 4 working positions.

The diamond disc prevents overheating of the teeth and respects the mucous membranes. The disc change is easy and several grades of diamonds are available.

The change of the head is also easy thanks to the quick coupler, all the Quick heads are compatible with the curved extension. This saves you time by changing your head only.

Our philosophy is to allow you modularity and interchangeability. This represents for you :

  • saving space in your tools. A single extension is enough to fit all heads in the range
  • a gain during the service. The heads are fitted with a greaser, this makes it possible to extend the service life before maintenance
  • a gain during replacement. Your disk needs to be changed? You can do it yourself. No need to waste time on expeditions
  • a gain during maintenance. If the head must be sent for maintenance, you keep your handle and your extension, you can use your other heads

Stainless steel.

Sold with a grade 1 diamond disc.

Available in several connections (EDH - Square drive, HDE, Kdrive).


Length without head : 46.7 cm

Total length : 52.5 cm

Disc diameter : 28 mm

Height of head with disc : 21.82 mm


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