Quick Disk set
  • Quick Disk set
  • Quick Disk set
  • Quick Disk set
  • Quick Disk set

Quick Disk set

Ref: PAC-QS03

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Different sets are available.

Wired / wireless motor, with one or more handpieces.

It's up to you to choose the set you need.

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The set is composed of:

  • an Equus Liberty motor with EDH coupling,
  • an Equus Liberty belt,
  • an 100 cm drive cable,
  • an Equus Quick Disk 4000 fitted with grade 2 disc.

Small description of power tools:

Motor: datasheet

  • extremely quiet,
  • wireless,
  • 10,000 rpm,
  • works in both directions of rotation,
  • electronics assisted regulation,
  • torque setting.

Drive cable: datasheet

  • flexible,
  • resistant.

Handpieces: Quick Disk 4000 

  • small head,
  • interchangeable head,
  • quick coupler,
  • 4 working positions,
  • you can change the diamond handpieces yourself.

Documents to download

FR - Comparatif des moteurs (222.03KB)

EN - Comparison motors (826.04KB)

FR - présentation Quick System (246.74KB)

EN - Quick system presentation (253.73KB)