Equus Jet Connect

Equus Jet Connect, the new product of its range. It's part of the Connect range allowing you to use it remotely. It's the most advanced system of the Equus Jet.

  • Settings and control screen
  • Settin the purge time of the pumps
  • Real-time temperature of the fluid and the working pressure
  • Multiple pumps
  • Remote control via Bluetooth
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€2,800.00 Tax incl.
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The new connected system for equine dentistry, new generation!

Benefits of the connected system:

  • All functions are directly accessible via the Android application on a phone or tablet.
  • All connected devices are connectable together. Totally innovative system!  


For equine dentistry practitioners and veterinarians, Equus Jet Connect offers all the power you need on the screen management:

  • Control screen on the Equus Jet Connect allowing settings and operation
  • Display of the battery level on the screen
  • Real-time fluid temperature sensor
  • Real-time pressure sensor
  • Variation in flow and pressure
  • Digital DSP microprocessor management
  • Remote update of the application


The Equus Jet Connect can have several pumps :

  • Hight pressure pump, pressure 10 bars, flow 7l/min
  • Cooling pump, pressure 2 bars, flow 450ml/min - in option
  • Peristaltic pump for the injection of sterile products, pressure 1bar, flow 700ml/min - in option

Most of the product : 

  • 6 levels of pressure possible
  • Equipped with Bluetooth to work with all products in the Connect range


Standard pack : 

  • Equus Jet Pump Connected with a High Pressure Pump
  • a charger and its power lead
  • a suction pipe with strainer
  • a spiral outlet pipe equipped with a female coupler
  • a flushing lance
  • a diastema lance

The most common use of high pressure and cooling pump, we offer this version by default.

Optional :

  • Cooling pump
  • Peristaltic pump
  • Pegasos trolley fixation
  • Wall mounting plate (consult us)

 Products in option:

  • Wireless remote control
  • Wired single foot pedal
  • Wireless Single foot pedal
  • Wireless Double foot pedal
  • Sinus washing kit

Data sheet

Type of system Equus Jet

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