Equus Liberty Connect motor
  • Equus Liberty Connect motor
  • Hanging ring
  • Equus Liberty Connect motor
  • Equus Liberty Connect motor
  • Equus Liberty Connect motor

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Equus Liberty Connect motor

Ref: EL-ELC02

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The Equus Liberty Connect motor offers you great freedom of movement while having a very high performance.

  • compact,
  • wireless,
  • quiet,
  • powerful,
  • equipped with Bluetooth to communicate with other products in the Connect range.

And still other great qualities!

Several versions are available to meet different ways of working.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

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The new connected system for equine dentistry, new generation!

What are the advantages of the connected system?

Design for equine dentists and veterinarians, the Equus Liberty Connect wireless motor, equipped with a Bluetooth system, offers all the necessary power with fingertip management:

  • all functions are directly accessible via the Android application on a phone or tablet,
  • all connected devices are connectable together. Totally innovative system!  The motor allows the Equus Jet Connect to be controlled remotely for the cooling of the handpieces. More information on the Connect range.

The usefulness of the Connect version is to work remotely with several products that work together.


The motor : 

  • electric motor with very high efficiency, extremely quiet and offering exceptional performance at very low speed.
  • several motor versions are available: 10,000 RPM without the use of remote control or pedal, 14,000 RPM or 17,000 RPM with use of remote control or pedal,
  • motor control screen for settings and operation,
  • digital management with DSP microprocessor,
  • protection of the horse's mouth and considerable improvement in equipment life thanks to an electronic clutch,
  • electronically controlled regulation of the power and speed of the burr, with optimization of the energy consumed,
  • works in both directions of rotation,
  • stop an start the motor and selecting the direction of rotation,
  • stepwise variation of the speed of the motor running,
  • stop an start the water pump (optional),
  • integrated in an aluminium case, resistant to shocks and allowing the evacuation of heat,
  • several coupling.


The battery:

  • new compact battery with gauge display on the screen,
  • 4Ah, 50.4V battery of last generation and electronic charger with fast charge,
  • also integrated in an aluminium case.

It's also possible to use a transformer to replace the battery.


The supports:

  • hanging ring, allows you to hang the motor directly, without protection. Only use the hanging ring if you are working with a trolley. If you opt for the hanging ring, you will need an extension lead to connect the battery away from the motor.
  • the hanging pocket was developed for people who don't want to carry the motor on them. It allows the motor and battery to be suspended together from an overhead support.
  • the ergonomic backpack has been designed symmetrically. It's equipped with mesh fabric, pleasant on a daily basis even in summer. It also has a reinforcement to move the motor away from the back to allow air to pass. The Cordura fabric is rain resistant and machine washable.
  • the belt, also symmetrically designed, is made of Cordura and mesh. You can also add suspenders to the belt which will allow you to distribute the weight on the shoulders.

Each product has been specially developed for maximum working comfort. The Cordura fabric is rain resistant and machine washable.

For the belt the motor settings buttons are directly accessible. If you opt for a backpack or hanging a motor you will need a wireless remote control or a wireless foot pedal to control the motor.


Water cooling:

If you want to use water cooling handpieces, you need either a water pump or the Equus Jet Connect.

The water pump allows you to be autonomous and mobile for basic care while the Equus Jet Connect allows you to perform more advanced care.


Little more!

Your motor is customizable! When ordering, send us the text to be engraved on your motor.



If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send us an email at info@equus-dental-harmony.com or contact us by phone at +33 (0)6 70 88 78 70.


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