Power supply

Power supply allows you to power your Equus Liberty Connect or Equus Liberty motor from the mains.

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This battery has a voltage of 50.4V, while most batteries on the market are 24V or 36V.

Why this tension ?

Our motors are more efficient and offer higher speed rotation than average, so you will have the necessary power.

Lithium-Ion bbatery, 4 amps, 50.4V.

The battery is build in an aluminium case which offers you great resistance to shocks.

This model is compatible with the following supports :

  • hanging bag,
  • hanging ring,
  • belt,
  • back pack,
  • trolley.

Size : 17cm x 11cm x 5,8cm (L x l x h)

Weight : 1.5 kg

Charging time : about 4h


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