Equus Foot Pedal 220V

Equus Foot Pedal is the first electronic pedal connected to the equine dentistry market.
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It allows the electronic regulation of your 220V motors for equine dentistry, the pallet allows to vary the intensity of an engine You have the choice in the use of motors.

The pedals are already configured with the following two engines:

  • The engine Suhner 300W motor 28 000 rpm 

  • EDH and Dental Vet 530W motor 29000 rpm 


You can set all engines on the market up to 600 watts.

The application runs on Androïd, it allows you to set the desired engine and change the response curve of the engine. All this from your tablet or smartphone, a gain of freedom and practicality.

Length of the power cable : 3m

Length of the motor connection cable : 1.5m


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